Menus and Diets 

Residents dietary needs and requirement are an important part of the care that residents receive at The Maples, and we continue to develop and evolve our menus with the help of our Qualified Chef. Our Chef uses the freshest produce and ingredients for making all meals, and creates all menu's based on residents likes and dislikes.

The Maples see's meals as an important part a residents daily routine and ensures that throughout the day there is a wide variety of foods available to the residents.

The Maples works closely with therapists for those residents who require their input with regards possible special diets or swallowing difficulties and during all initial assessments we will ascertain from residents and families of any special diets i.e. Fortified, Gluten Free, Lactose Free etc and also in relation to any allergies i.e. garlic, onions, nuts etc 

We also like to ensure that fluids are readily available throughout the day and night, to encourage fluid intake we also have a tea round morning and afternoon and we always ensure that in the afternoon there is always a freshly prepared cake.

We like to ensure that the dining experience is relaxed and social and have a dining room which supports this dining experience, as a home we don't everyone to eat together and it is solely based on individuals needs so if a resident wishes their meal within their room we will happily facilitate this.